The delightfully crisp air that has overtaken Nashville was the perfect backdrop for a magical evening at the Tennessee State Fair.

Some people go for the rides, some for the fried "food," some for the exhibits... I go with the hope of meeting a friendly alpaca or two. This fair did not disappoint as I had ample hang time with not one but THREE alpacas, shaggy goats, tiny sheep, momma and bebe mules, super stylin' ducks and an ear-less goat (see bottom right... WHAT IS GOING ON THERE!?!?!)

I was thrilled to find the only stand at the entire fair selling Elephant Ears (apparently a Midwest-exclusive treat?) and Ben got his Swanson on whilst devouring a giant Turkey leg.

Thrilling pig races and Kenyan acrobats were the icing on this Blue Ribbon-worthy cake.
AuthorLauren E. Kaufman