A piece of our whimsical, woodsy wedding decor
Autumn is obviously our mutually favorite seasons since we chose to get married during this glorious time of year and one of the only advantages to the weather in Nashville is we get a relatively long fall.

Though this time last year was full of so many wonderful things, there is much to look forward to this year as well, including (but not limited to):
  • Our 1-year anniversary! (Where has the time gone?!)
  • My darling friend's wedding on October 13th!
  • Pumpkinfest - The most amazing event in Tennessee (besides the Fainting Goat Festival, I suppose). So great in fact, I may have to give Pumpkinfest it's own blog post one of these days
  • Cardigan and scarf weather! (I should say "comfortable cardigan and scarf weather" since I have unsuccessfully tried to sport both this summer)
  • Apple picking! Caramel Apples! Apple Crisp! Apple cider! 
  • Walks in the crunchy leaves at Edwin Warner Park
  • Our annual fall viewing of The Village
This list could go on, but I will save my fall-ccetric ravings for another day. 

AuthorLauren E. Kaufman