master Pip - following in the footsteps of his Dickensian namesake
This past weekend, we were graced by a visit from Ben's "little" sister Laura and her delightful friends, Macey and Jeanie. We showed them around Nashville, ate some amazing food, relaxed at our apartment and, whilst strolling in Centennial Park, saw the most spectacular rainbow!

However, all of that only scratches the surface of eventful encounters this weekend. Whilst relaxing on our porch Friday night, soaking in the mild weather, Laura spotted a white cat cowering under a van in our parking lot. Never one to pass up the chance to befriend a cat, I hurried down to check it out.

Long story short-ish, after practically crawling under the van to retrieve said feline, we found him to be deathly skinny, horribly dirty with a badly injured eye. Several bowls of milk, kitten food, and three flea baths later, he is the fluffiest, cuddliest most grateful kitten I have ever seen.

At a mere 1.1. lbs, he'll have to double in size to meet the humane society's 2 lbs minimum weight for them to take him... if we don't get too attached first.

AuthorLauren E. Kaufman